From a summary of a 4-week User testing University Course.

Evaluating designs with users is the recently launched course from the University of Michigan that belongs to their most recently launched program User Experience (UX) Design and Research, unfolding the scope of user testing methodologies focused on Formative testing.

Even though I still highly recommend this course, I honestly found that the course did not follow a logical order which made it hard to keep pace. I hope this summary can help more people to learn on the go with this restructured quicker version.

If you want to perform user testing but are not really sure how to create questionnaires to collect qualifiable analytics, don’t lose more time browsing, I got you. In this article, you will find reliable user testing examples you can use in your next session, from pre-user test conduction, in-test, to post-test.

Colorful illustration of a person doing a questionnaire after a user testing
Colorful illustration of a person doing a questionnaire after a user testing
Illustration Font: UndrawKit 2020

During the conducting of a User testing, a designer is expected to pick a representative set of tasks for the participants whose performance with the system will then be measured and in addition its perceived usability of a system.

To collect these quantifiable analytics you can interview the…

El Corte Inglês is a Spanish chain of department stores with its headquarters located in Spain. My goal was to improve the costumer’s experience by bringing a fresh look to their website without compromising the Company Branding and trustworthiness making an easier user journey and intuitive interface. This was a personal speed case Study with no commercial use when I noticed some usability issues while casually navigating through the website.It was developed within a timeframe of 3 days where my role was to redesign this website and its mobile-optimized version concept.

Article Structure:

  • The Problem (Contextualization)
  • Goal and Proposal
  • Research

Even tho the language barrier has been easier to be broken down by the advances of technology, most of us had or are still trying to learn a language to overcome this barrier, either because of a job or even for personal matters. However, there is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic not only shifted all our lives including our learning process but also motivated us to learn and create new ones.

I was never the best student in language classes, so whilst I was frequenting an English course (pre-pandemic times) I adopted a learning system outside of classes that…

Sara Lopes

UX/UI Designer from Lisbon

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